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Xbox 720 to feature touch-screen remote?

Microsoft's next Xbox will include a Wii U-like touch-screen controller, according to Xbox World magazine.

Hmmm, is this what we'll be looking at? CVG

Xbox World magazine published some rather bold claims about Microsoft's upcoming game console in its latest issue.

The publication cited sources saying said the Xbox 720 will support a souped-up controller that touts an HD touch screen in addition to traditional analog sticks and buttons. The design is pretty similar to the Nintendo Wii U's own tablet controller, though the Microsoft version is said to be closer in size to to Sony's PlayStation Vita.

According to Xbox World, this Xbox touch-screen controller also doubles as a TV remote control, a Web browser, and a panel for displaying software buttons and game information.

To up the overall gaming experience, the Xbox 720 has also been rumored to offer augmented-reality capabilities, directional sound and an improved Kinect accessory. The new Kinect is able to track up to four players simultaneously with enough precision to pinpoint users' fingers.

(Source: Crave Asia via CVG)