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X-ray gifs show human joints in motion

Ever wondered what your skeleton looks like in motion? Take a look at these gifs of joints in action under X-ray.

Cameron Drake

Lots of people get X-rays. There's something fascinating about seeing what's beneath your skin with such clarity: the bones you know are there, but -- hopefully -- remain hidden. It's not often, however, that we get to see real skeletons, not animations, in motion.

A series of gifs created by designer and developer Cameron Drake in collaboration with and for orthopaedic surgeon Dr Noah Weiss showcases some of these motions. Dr Weiss conceived the idea and took the X-ray footage (which can be seen on his YouTube channel), and Drake converted them into gifs for Dr Weiss' website.

"I started with a set of X-ray video footage. This video was captured by Dr. Weiss himself. This was an excitement in and of itself as there is not much like it on the web and gave me an opportunity to do something cool. I converted the raw files and imported the footage into Adobe Premiere," Drake explained on his website.

To hide the patient information, he created an overlay in Photoshop and exported it into Premiere, then used the latter to trim the video into looping, two-second clips.

The resulting -- and rather stunning -- gifs can now be found as header images on Dr Weiss' website, or you can see them all on Drake's Behance page.

Cameron Drake
Cameron Drake