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Wyse introduces wireless NC

The new network computer is designed for traveling workers who need continuous access to data residing on local networks.

Wyse Technologies today announced a new wireless portable network computer designed for use in hospital networks, for example, where traveling workers need continuous access to data residing on local networks.

Toshiba and Mitsubishi have also talked of selling comparable systems. Both companies first revealed wireless portable network computer (NC) designs at April's JavaOne conference. (See related story)

Wyse's portable, the Winterm 2930, is aimed at industries such as health care, automotive, and heavy manufacturing, where users "roam" through facilities. With the portable, users can gather and exchange Windows-based application information in a secure fashion using wireless technology developed by Cruise Technologies.

The portables rely on a central server computer to store Windows applications and do most of the processing of information.

Wyse says the Winterm 2930 increases data security by not retaining any confidential information on the mobile device, instead storing it on a local server. This prevents users from gaining unauthorized access to data.

The wireless network computer is seen primarily as a replacement for legacy "dumb" terminals and outdated PCs in corporate networks. The systems trade on their low purchase price and projected easy management.

Wyse says the portable devices are currently shipping and estimates the retail price will start at less than $3,000.