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Safari will automatically block those annoying autoplay videos

Apple is also giving users more control over how advertisers track them on the web.

James Martin/CNET
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A lot of the annoying features that come with surfing the web are going to be blocked on the latest version of Apple's Safari browser, including autoplay videos.

Craig Federighi, who runs software at Apple, unveiled some of the new features for Safari, which will be available with its new operating system, High Sierra. The news came at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

Federighi said a new feature called "intelligent tracking prevention" will stop websites from tracking your browsing data by using machine learning. That means your searches on Amazon won't pop up in ads on your Facebook page, or vice-versa.

"Now your browser history is your own," Federighi said. 

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Other Safari additions include automatic blocking videos that play on their own (yes, like the ones you see on CNET, possibly even in this story) and greater speed. 

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