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Blizzard of Stella snowstorm memes coming down heavy

From the inevitable milk-and-bread hoarding to crazy forecasts, Twitter has the East Coast snowstorm covered.

The winter storm now hitting the East Coast of the United States is no joke. On Monday, meteorologists warned that up to 2 feet of snow could fall, and New York City closed public schools and above-ground subways.

Despite the storm's potential danger, these days, every major news event, especially one with this much advance warning, translates into a blizzard of social media memes.

But don't believe every social media meme you see. You may have seen Facebook friends sharing a "wine forecast" map marking areas of the country by how many wine bottles the storm will require rather than the inches of snowfall expected.

It's a fun picture, but the meteorologist pictured, Chris Sowers of WPVI in Philadelphia, told New York magazine the image was Photoshopped and not a real screen grab from his on-air reporting.

"I didn't actually go on the air with a graphic like this," Sowers told the magazine. "I can't believe how quickly this is spreading."

Sowers did have a humorous take on the storm, however.

That said, here's a shovelful of our favorite memes so far.

Naturally, politics came into play.

And inevitably, some regions are not impressed.

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