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Wintel rides ahead on earnings news

Technology giants Microsoft and Intel release earnings reports that soundly beat analysts' expecations.


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Technology industry giants Microsoft and Intel didn't disappoint investors today with earnings that soundly beat Wall Street expectations. Intel reported record revenue of $8.3 billion, while Windows 2000 helped drive Microsoft's sales.


Microsoft shares vacillate on earnings
update The company's stock zips up then retreats in after-hours trading after it beats analysts' expectations by 2 cents.

Intel skates past estimates on booming chip demand
update Despite major product shortages and intensified competition, Intel beat expectations in the second quarter by reporting record revenue of $8.3 billion and earnings per share of 50 cents, excluding extraordinary events.

Microsoft breathes down Coca-Cola's neck
The software giant is closing in on Coca-Cola's turf as the most valuable brand name, even amid government scrutiny.