Windows XP still starring in HP ad

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I was somewhat surprised to pop open yesterday's USA Today and see a nearly full page ad for an HP computer running Windows XP. The PC, a Compaq desktop, is aimed at businesses and is touted for having dual hard drives allowing for redundant backup.

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In addition to USA Today, the ad is running in "several other major metropolitan dailies," according to an HP representative. Interestingly, although the PC makes no mention of Microsoft's new operating system as an option, the ad does carry a mention (presumably as part of its co-marketing arrangement) that "HP recommends Windows Vista Business."

HP did say in February it would still offer some XP systems through resellers, I got the impression it would not be heavily promoting such systems.

HP said that the PC in question predates Vista's release, but that the ad had yet to make it into the company's rotation until now.

"Business PC lifecycle and image stability is important to customers," the representative said in an e-mail. "That's why we continue to offer XP Pro pre-configured systems alongside Vista systems. HP Business PC will continue to add additional solutions to its Vista offering as commercial demand increases."

Hmm, that doesn't sound too promising for Microsoft's ambitious goals for business adoption this year.

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