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Win98 hole follows Database bug

A Windows 98 security issue that may jeopardize some networked users arises in the wake of a bug discovered in the Microsoft Access database program.

A longstanding feature of the Windows OS that enables networked PCs to access shared files may expose users of Windows 98 to hackers. This issue follows the revelation that a bug in Microsoft Access, which can cause information that should be associated with a given record to be attached to the wrong account, exists in several versions of the database program.

Windows 98 open to hacking
lead story The shared-file feature of Windows 98, which allows access to files without passwords, may open a user's computer to hacks.

Data bug in all versions of Access
Microsoft acknowledges that a nasty bug discovered last week affects more versions of its Access database than it originally thought.

Microsoft database loses records
A bug found in Microsoft Access by a developer last week--and repeatedly reproduced since then--affects the way database records are changed.