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Wi-Fi security issues not worth hassle

In response to the Aug. 21 Perspectives column by John Patrick, "Wi-Fi and free lunches":

The security issue with Wi-Fi is huge, and the marketing machine behind the Wi-Fi technology doesn't even mention that the front door is wide open or that anyone can access a Wi-Fi network.

I have six computers at home. Having just moved into a new house, I considered purchasing Wi-Fi for building a home network and not wiring the house. But after investigating Wi-Fi and the lack of security (associated) with it, I will go to the expense and time it takes to run wire to the attic. The convenience of sitting at the local Starbucks and surfing the Internet is fine--if you trust the other customers doing the same thing.

Microsoft and Wi-Fi are a perfect marriage: Both leave the front door wide open. But Wi-Fi is not for me.

John Lawyer

Scappoose, Ore.