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Whither Verizon's Galaxy Nexus?

week in review Conflicting information plagues Samsung's new Android phone, while Twitter unveils redesign. Also: Earth-like planet found.

week in review Verizon Wireless customers looking to snap up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus today will have to be a little more patient.

The carrier has been cagey about the launch date for the smartphone, which is the first to run on the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, but an informal survey of Verizon stores found that many had expected to start selling the phone on Friday. Now they are hearing that the release of the Galaxy Nexus will be delayed.

Verizon already faces some criticism for keeping the Google Wallet mobile-payment capability off the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon denied blocking the application and said it is still in talks with Google about technical integration.

When the Galaxy Nexus does come out, it is expected to sell for $299.99 with a two-year contract.
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Twitter launches major redesign

The microblogging site launches new apps and redesigns its Web site in a bold attempt to make itself more relevant--and, presumably, profitable.
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Google unveils Flipboard-like Currents for Android, iOS

Currents is a reader program designed to be a single destination for magazine content, video and photo feeds, and Google+ streams.
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Gowalla team to join Facebook in January

Gowalla's talent, not the technology behind its location-based social-networking app, is heading to Facebook, the companies say.
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Apple iPhone sales looking extra rosy this quarter

It's shaping up to be a particularly merry holiday for Apple, with Wall Street analysts raising their predictions on how many iPhones got snapped up recently.
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Oregon judge rules bloggers aren't journalists

Judge awards plaintiff $2.5 million after a blogger cites Oregon shield law in refusing to reveal source of blog that accused lawyer of fraud.

Google's Schmidt: Android leads the iPhone

The executive chairman says Android phones outship the iPhone, are cheaper, and now have a better operating system. So why do developers support iOS first?
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Earth-like planet found in distant sun's habitable zone

In a long-awaited milestone, astronomers using a NASA space telescope have found a roughly Earth-size world, Kepler-22b, orbiting around a sun-like star where conditions may be favorable for life.
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LivingSocial balks at IPO, raising funds instead, report says

The daily-deals provider won't follow its chief competitor, Groupon, to the IPO market anytime soon, it seems.
•  LivingSocial raises $176 million, seeks $400 million

Yahoo mulling offers, but control and cash delaying decision?

The online giant reportedly has several offers on the table, but its demands and concerns are starting to weigh heavily on negotiations.
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•  Yahoo building studio in New York, report says

'Mythbusters' cannonball busts through house

In an experiment gone awry, a cannonball aimed at water containers on a bomb disposal range misses its target and rips through a suburban house, before coming to rest in a minivan.
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