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When Steve Jobs went Ghostbusters on IBM

A video emerges of the Apple co-founder, channeling his inner Dan Aykroyd, attacking Big Blue by calling in, oh, yes, The BlueBusters.

Bloomberg Screenshot:Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It seems as if each week, another little tale of Steve Jobs' wise and wicked ways and words emerges.

Just a few days ago, audio was aired in which the Apple co-founder compared his company in the bad times to Jeffrey Dahmer. (I have embedded the evidence.)

The quote, published in Fast Company, was: "Imagine if you're the mother of, you know, some bad kid...You're Jeffrey Dahmer's mother. Or you're the mother of some kid who's turned into a robber ... robbed banks or something, been to jail. I don't equate Apple with that, but in a way I do.... You never stop loving your kid."

To add to the legend, this morning Bloomberg aired a snippet of a never-before aired video in which Jobs channels Dan Aykroyd.

This was revealed as part of an interview with former Apple employee Craig Elliot, who collects Jobs memorabilia.

In this promotional sales video from 1985, IBM is the big, bad guy. So Apple's chiefs are the Blue Busters. Indeed, they are. They strap their software-free Apple II computers on their backs and fire at the Big Blue Brothers.

It would have been lovely to see the reaction of the sales people as they, no doubt, got up -- blue in the face -- shook their fists and threatened a very holy war.