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What's new with the Kama Charge Kit from Nyko

Here's some new info on the Kama Charge Kit, along with a slide show.

While the Nyko Wand took our Best of CES gaming award, we were also fans of a few additional accessories the company announced for the Nintendo Wii.

We really like the Kama Wireless Nunchuk we reviewed a few months ago, and Nyko has decided to improve on the item again. We know Nintendo had a fairly unpublicized grievance with the Kama's striking resemblance to an original Nunchuk, and Nyko wouldn't comment if the Kama Charge Kit was a result as a settlement between the two manufacturers.

The Kama Charge kit not only comes with a new and improved Nunchuk--albeit cosmetically different than the original Kama--it comes complete with a rechargeable rubberized battery pack and custom charging cradle. We also really liked the inclusion of an additional battery pack and gripped cover to transform an original Wii remote into a chargeable one.

Check out our slide show detailing all of the new updates to the Kama Nunchuk.