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What to do with an OQO

High-end camera back comes with an attached UMPC to review and store images for a 39-megapixel camera.

An E4 Camera Back from Megavision uses an OQO Model 1. Megavision

Hey, look, someone found an interesting use for an OQO!

My helpful colleague Stephen Shankland brought this to my attention. In place of a separate laptop, this camera back from Megavision comes with a built-in UMPC from OQO to operate the image sensor, and review and store photos.

Now, this product is definitely not for the casual photog, and neither is the price. (It's not listed, but is probably upward of $10,000.) But it is a creative use for the category of tiny mobile PCs that most consumers have shunned thus far.

Actually, Megavision, makes a variety of camera backs for medium-format cameras used by commercial photographers--the kind that take photos at 39 megapixels and create files 50 megabytes and larger--and most of them use the OQO. Check the rest out here.