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What mattered on CES Day 2

The most interesting news from the second day of the CES, including flexible screens, an e-ink watch, and Danny DeVito.

Alright folks, we're into the business end of CES now, but still the hot products keep on coming. With so much to choose from, I've had problems squeezing everything into this roundup, but here's what stood out at the second official day of the show.

After more than 68,000 people sunk a total of $10 million into the project, it's safe to say there is lot of interest in Pebble's new watch. With an e-ink style display and the ability to change watch faces as often as you like, it's a lot cooler than the smart watches we've seen so far from the companies such as Sony. It will show messages sent to your Android or iOS smartphone and can be configured via the cloud. Check out Brian Bennett's hands-on for more.

Pebble watch is smart, stylish

Sometimes at CES, you get a glimpse at the sort of tech we'll be using in the future and we were treated to such a peek today courtesy of Samsung's Youm flexible display. Youm is an OLED flexible display that Samsung demonstrated bending around the side of a phone. There were a bunch of 5-inch displays on concept products on show at the announcement, and we have all the pictures of these exciting devices inthis picture gallery.

Another new material we'll be seeing on products soon is Corning's Gorilla Glass 3. Previous versions have been used on smartphones and tablets to make them less prone to scratching, or rather, better at making the scratches on the glass less visible. Corning say that its new version is three times more damage-resistant than version two, and Brian Tong went to see them to put their claims to the test. To find out what happens when a giant metal ball is rolled at a phone screen from an acute angle, watch this video.

We're always looking ahead at CNET, and today we gathered a bunch of people together at our stage to talk on a panel called "The next big interface - you." With luminaries from forward-looking companies Nest, Leap Motion, and Fitbit, the panel talked about how we're going to be controlling our gadgets in the future. Watch the full video and check out the pictures to find out what that means for you. Plus there's demonstration of brain-sensing headbands, eye controls and more.

Also on the CNET stage was actor Danny DeVito and his amazing naked foot with the 404 crew. To understand what that sentence means, you need to watch this all the way through, it's a riot.

Finally, the CNET editors have been voting on who wins the Best of CES 2013 award tonight (check out the finalists here), but we need you to play your part too. Head here to vote for your favorite product of the show -- remember, you can't complain about the winner if you didn't vote!

Have you seen anything at CES that you've liked that I've missed? Let me know in the comments below and keep checking out to see all our CES stories in one place.