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Thundersnow hammers the East Coast, and so do the jokes

Make up your mind, Mother Nature. Weather can be so weird that sometimes two different kinds of storms collide.

Because the snowstorm currently hitting the East Coast isn't enough, it's also bringing with it thundersnow. That weather phenomenon is exactly what it sounds like: a snowstorm that features thunder and lightning. Very, very frightening.

"Thunderstorms accompanied by snow are usually of a different character than the 'normal' thunderstorm," explained in 2015. "Thundersnow develops when the air is below freezing near the ground, and unlike most summer thunderstorms, it isn't near-ground air that rises all the way into the tall thunderstorm top. The instability is in only a shallow layer aloft. In thundersnow, the 'action' mainly takes place in a rather shallow layer that is usually near 20,000 feet and only around 5,000 feet thick."

The weird weather is lighting up Twitter and other social media.

Not everyone is buying it.

But some just love it.

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