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What every Taser needs: a music-playing holster

It's the perfect accessory for the new leopard-print stun gun.

Taser International

If washing machines and George Foreman Grills can be used to play MP3s, then why can't the Taser? Everyone's favorite stun-gun maker has found a way to do just that, with a new "music player holster."

The accessory comes with 1GB of memory so you can blast away while blaring The Ride of the Valkyries or whatever else you choose for your theme song, according to Audio Junkies. The black leather case would be the perfect complement to the new Taser C2 "self-defense electronic control device," which can zap a perp up to 15 feet away.

Personally, we prefer the Avurt IM-5 with a range of 40 feet, but it doesn't come with a music holster so far as we know. And we do admit that the new Taser's leopard print is awfully fetching.