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Westworld showed us The Raj this week and Dolores got bloody

These violent delights finally have some violent ends! Err, middle? Consequences.

John P. Johnson/HBO

We knew we'd see another world, this season on Westworld, but this world was unexpected. I know I didn't think it would be RajWorld we would see first -- or rather, The Raj, as Delos has deemed it.

In our Morning After After Show we discuss the main theme of the episode, who we think that lady in Raj really is, and how Dolores went full Machiavelli (you kinda knew that based on the episode title, though). We also had some heated opinions about how humans can be harmed in the park, but no one is really sure about that answer still.

We also chatted with Shannon Woodward, who plays Elsie Hughes, and asked her our most pressing questions (no, we don't know where Elsie is either).

Check out the video on YouTube and below, and let us know what you thought of episode three!