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Wearable Tech

Wearing the Teslasuit is a shocking experience

This full-body suit creates sensations on your skin so VR feels all the more real.

John Kim/CNET

I'm holding my arm out in front of me when it comes flying back toward my face.

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I swear I'm not trying to hit myself in the head deliberately. I'm wearing the Teslasuit, a two-piece, full-body suit that creates sensations on my skin. Or in the case of this demo, muscle contractions that made my arm fly back involuntarily.

Teslasuit (no relation to Tesla Motors) has 64 haptic points across the body. These can simulate sensations all the way from a feather-light touch, to a hard punch. At the weakest end of the scale, it feels like a pleasant tingling on my skin. At the other end, I'm reeling from what feels like a real punch across my stomach. 

The Teslasuit can also be used as a motion-capture suit.

One of the challenges in attracting viewers to VR is that the experience still feels distant. If you encounter objects in the VR world and you try to reach out, or through them, you don't feel anything's there. Solutions like the Teslasuit, Hardlight Suit and HaptX glove are also trying to address the lack of presence in VR through touch. 

Find out more about the Teslasuit and my reactions to wearing it in the video on this page (the series is also available on YouTube).

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