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Watch Kylo Ren take on Santa Claus in new video

Santa takes up arms with a candy-cane lightsaber to combat the most popular villain in film this week and proves "it's OK to be naughty in a lightsaber fight."

It's hard to upstage Christmas, but with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" debuting around the globe this week, Santa, sleighs and reindeer are taking a back seat to villains, lightsabers and droids.

In a video released Wednesday by Nerdist, however, Old Saint Nick gets a chance at revenge when his delivery of gifts is interrupted by none other than Kylo Ren. The bad boy star of the new film is announced by BB-8, who hides around the corner from the ne'er-do-well Ren, alerting Santa to his presence.

Naturally a battle ensues, with Santa not only wielding a candy-cane-style lightsaber, but using his significant command of the Force to hurl Christmas packages at Ren's head. Ren retaliates with some kind of electric finger blast, but proving that Santa really does have game, the bolts turn to snowflakes and bounce off the jolly old elf's chest.

Eventually things get dire for Santa, who promises Ren that's he's getting coal in his stockings for Christmas, until a surprise hero saves the day.

"So with Kylo defeated, we feasted on cookies," the video concludes. "Resting up by the fire as snug as a Wookiee. Then I heard him exclaim, as he left from my sight, it's OK to be naughty in a lightsaber fight."