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Watch a man almost get decapitated trying to photograph a landing plane

Technically Incorrect: In St. Bart's, it's not a good idea to stand under landing planes. This doesn't stop people from doing it.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Screenshot of video.

Watch out for that wheel, sir.

Screenshot by CNET

These days, we tend to reserve our criticism for selfie-takers.

Increasingly, it seems as if they're prepared to take absurd risks simply to say, Look at me.

But it's not as if people with old-fashioned cameras haven't sometimes put themselves into dangerous areas just to get a picture they can bore people with.

Here, then, is a video taken at Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Bart's.

A man with a camera is looking to photograph landing planes.

Suddenly, one comes in so low that its wheel appears to touch the man on the head.

One wonders whether the pilot might have been a touch too low. However, there are some airports that simply attract those who want to get as close to landing planes as possible.

The Princess Juliana airport on St. Maarten, for example, is right next to the beach. This allows beachgoers to get a glorious blowback.

Some airports, though, offer a chance of strange encounters just because of their design. Juan Santamaria airport in Costa Rica, for example. Last year, an Iberia flight appeared to come perilously close to nearby cars there as it landed.

Of course, there's always the chance that this St. Bart's video has been concocted.

Still, the core advice stands: It really isn't worth putting yourself in danger just to get a picture. That's what Photoshop is for.