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Wait, these two wireless speakers are less than $10?

Yep! One for the shower, one for everywhere else. Get them before they're gone.


ZoeeTree? Sure, OK. This throwback black brick of a speaker also plays FM radio (though using that feature is kind of a hassle).


Hold onto your wallets: It's impulse-buy time. Today I bring you a pair of speaker deals that are just plain difficult to pass up, even if you think you already have all the speakers you need. Maybe there's a gift-giving occasion in your future. Or a shower. Whatever the case, I recommend grabbing these before they're gone -- which may be soon. (Update: The first speaker has an updated promo code that should work properly.)

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This is kind of an old-school speaker, a basic black brick (with nice blue trim) that can also play music from a flash drive or microSD card. But, wait, there's more: It does FM radio, too, though as you might expect given the lack of a display, finding stations (and knowing what station is playing) can be a hassle. Don't buy this for its radio capabilities.

Do buy it because, after then applying promo code WFZQH7QD at checkout, the price drops to a remarkable $9.59. Even if the vendor pulls the coupon (which is possible), you end up with a still-great price of $9.59. Update: Although the speaker was originally $7.83 with an additional on-page coupon, that deal expired soon after I shared it. However, this code should work, and I'm told the vendor has a good supply of the speaker.

Altec Lansing

The Aqua Bliss is a water-resistant speaker with a 5-hour battery and built-in volume/track-control buttons. There's also a button for invoking Google Assistant or Siri.

I first spotted this deal a day or two ago, so I'm not sure how much longer it'll last. The speaker normally sells for $19.99 and there's no code required to get the discount.

OK, which one(s) are you getting? While you're mulling that over, check out CNET's roundup of the best portable mini Bluetooth speakers.

Note: Originally published earlier this week. Updated to reflect new pricing and promo code.

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