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Video memo pad replaces notes on the fridge

Give family notes a modern upgrade with Native Union's Play video memo pad. It records up to three minutes of gentle nudges, chores, and grocery needs.

Native Union Play video memo pad
The video memo pad holds three minutes of gentle reminders. Amanda Kooser/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Family notes are a time-honored tradition. "We're out of milk." "Don't forget to walk the dog." "Your mother called, but I didn't pick up. Call her back."

There's no need for pencil and paper, chalkboards, or sticky notes when you have Native Union's Play video memo pad.

The small gadget has a magnetic back so it can stick to your refrigerator, car, washing machine, or anything else made out of metal.

There are only three buttons: play, record, and delete. Record a video memo and a small light blinks to let the next person know to check it.

The Play has a 2.4-inch LCD and 0.3-megapixel camera. Those specs won't blow you away, but high-tech isn't the point here. It's about simplicity. You don't need HD when you're just reminding the kids to clean their rooms.

I caught a demonstration at CES that showed off decent enough video and audio. It does what it needs to to get the message across. It's also simple enough for younger kids to use.

The Play will set you back $60. That would buy a whole lot of notepaper, but Luddites need not apply. This is a message pad for today's gadget-loving families.

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