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VC watch: Pathlore snags $10 million

Pathlore receives $10 million in a first round of funding...Corona Networks raises $40 million...iWatt grabs $7.25 million.

Which companies will be the trendsetters of the future? The following list is the latest news from start-ups here and abroad that have received venture funding. This page is updated daily. Keep checking back for the latest.

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Thursday's deals

• Pathlore said it has received $10 million in a first round of funding from Seaport Capital. Columbus, Ohio-based Pathlore develops software designed to manage, centralize and synchronize various forms of e-learning, from Web-based to live instruction, for a company's work force.

• Corona Networks raised a $40 million third round of funding, led by Merrill Lynch Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. Other investors included The Ignite Group, Alliance Ventures and Redwood Ventures. Milpitas, Calif.-based Corona has raised a total of $68 million. The company offers Internet Protocol-based services, such as encryption and security for Internet service providers, which in turn resell that service to their customers.

• iWatt said it has received $7.25 million in a first round of funding, led by Sigma Partners. Other investors included Horizon Ventures and PTI Alliance. Los Gatos, Calif.-based iWatt designs chips to help digitally regulate, manage and control power systems.

• Pirus Networks has raised $9.5 million from JAFCO Ventures as part of its second round. The funding adds to the $40 million the company has raised in the round. Acton, Mass.-based Pirus Networks has raised a total of $55 million. Pirus is developing hardware to create Internet Protocol storage networking systems. The company's new Storage Utility Switch is designed to reduce storage costs and streamline data management.

• Digital Bridges has raised an $18 million second round of funding from previous investors Apax Partners Funds and Argo II. Edinburgh, Scotland-based Digital Bridges has raised a total of $26 million. The company develops software designed to deliver wireless entertainment services to mobile network operators.

Wednesday's deals

• Crystallize raised an $18.5 million second round of funding, led by Battery Ventures. Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Crystallize has raised a total of $22.5 million. Crystallize's software is designed to automatically allow companies to copy, consolidate, filter or change any data across their network, following a merger, reorganization or divestiture of a business.

Tuesday's deals

• MessageVine raised a $6 million first round of funding. Investors include T-Venture, Cedar Fund, CSK Venture Capital and Technorov Holdings. New York-based MessageVine develops instant messaging servers for wireless carriers, ISPs and telecommunications companies, which allows them to offer an instant messaging service under their own brand.

• Canaan Partners closed its sixth venture fund and has appointed three new members to its team. Menlo Park, Calif.-based Canaan Partners raised $700 million for its Canaan Equity III fund, which will invest in early stage communications, software and services companies, and Internet infrastructure companies. The fund will also invest in medical and health care technologies. Tom Mawhinney, chief operating officer of software maker North Systems, and Dr. Andrew Firlik, a former Canaan venture associate and practicing physician, became new principals with the firm. Mark Mangiola, former chief executive of DSL company @Home Solutions, was named a venture partner. Investors in Canaan's latest fund included Bank of Boston, First Union, General Motors Pension, Harbourvest, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other organizations.

• Centerpost has received $12.5 million in a third round of funding. Tribune Ventures, Keystone Venture Capital, and previous investors Motorola, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Portage Venture Partners contributed to the latest round. Chicago-based Centerpost has raised a total of more than $30 million. Centerpost provides software and a service that enables companies to automatically notify their customers via voice, data, wired or wireless devices of any important information.

• Bigstep received a $6.5 million fourth round of funding. VeriSign and previous investors Mayfield, U.S. Venture Partners, Partech International, The Washington Post, InterWest Partners, Worldview Technology Partners and Staenberg Venture Partners contributed to the latest round. San Francisco-based Bigstep has raised a total of $72 million. The company builds and manages Web sites for small businesses, offering such features as automated e-commerce marketing and promotional services.

• Xalted Networks has raised a $21 million first round of funding, led by BlueStream Ventures, Granite Ventures, Charter Ventures and Alliance Ventures. Representatives from BlueStream and Granite will receive seats on the company's board. Plano, Texas-based Xalted develops hardware for telecommunications companies designed to allow them to provide high-speed access over existing copper wires and fiber-optic cables.

• Resinate has raised $4.5 million toward its $7 million second round of funding, which it hopes to close in the next 60 days. Zero Stage Capital led the round. Burlington, Mass.-based Resinate has raised a total of $9.5 million. Resinate's software is designed to allow product-design organizations to collaborate with their supply chains.

Monday's deals

• Optate raised $6.5 million in a second round of funding, led by Opportunity Capital Partners. Other investors included Ascend Ventures Group and previous investor Internet HealthCare Group. Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Optate provides online employee-benefits management to large and medium-sized companies. The company has raised a total of $13 million.

• DWL received a $31 million third round of funding, led by Insight Venture Partners. Other investors included MMC Capital. Toronto-based DWL has raised a total of $55 million. DWL develops software applications to consolidate corporations' old and new customer relationship management front office and multiple back-end systems software.

• Daksh eServices raised $6 million in a second round of funding from Citigroup Venture Capital, which will receive a seat on the company's board. New Delhi, India-based Daksh eServices has raised a total of $9 million in funding. The company is a customer-relationship management services provider, offering services such as call center and customer service support.

• eNow received a $9.45 million third round of funding, led by Hudson Ventures. Other investors included Entertainment Media Ventures, Phoenix Partners, Broadband Partners and Cap Ventures. New York-based eNow has raised a total of $14 million. The company monitors and indexes live content streams and delivers the specified content to customers within seconds after it is published.

• Espial raised an $11 million third round of funding, led by VenGrowth Capital Partners. Previous investors Greylock Management and Sussex Capital contributed to the round. Ottawa-based Espial develops Java software designed to enable Internet appliance, TV, wireless and automotive device manufacturers to extend the features of these products to create smart devices. The company has raised a total of $24 million.

Friday's deals

• SpectraSwitch has raised $6 million as an extension of its earlier second round of funding. Advanced Technology Ventures and NIF Ventures led the financing. With the $6 million, Santa Rosa, Calif.-based SpectraSwitch has raised $24.1 million in its second round, which initially closed in May last year. SpectraSwitch designs and manufacturers optical switching components and components that change the intensity of fiber-optic light. The company has raised a total of $29 million.