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Tech Industry

Unix systems get new flavor

IBM hooks up with Intel and others to develop a new Unix OS, and Sun plans to update its Solaris system.

IBM is hooking up with Intel, Santa Cruz Operation, and Sequent to develop a new Unix operating system, code-named Monterey, but analysts are skeptical of its impact. Meanwhile, Sun plans to update its own "flavor," Solaris.

IBM inks Unix pact with SCO
lead story | update Big Blue unveils a software alliance to develop a single operating system to run on its server systems that use IBM and Intel chips.

Major Solaris revision this week
update This week, Sun Microsystems will take the next step in bringing high-end capabilities to its Solaris operating system.

SCO falls short in 1998
A profitable fourth quarter for Santa Cruz Operation isn't enough to pull the company into the black for the year.