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U.N. would cripple Internet

A reader responds to CNET's article "Will the U.N. run the Internet?"

In response to the Perspectives column written by Declan McCullagh, "Will the U.N. run the Internet?":

I read your piece on the U.N and the Internet, and I do hope this never happens. We see how the U.N. is working nowadays: a useless, bloated organization that costs a fortune to run and with no result in sight.

If the U.N. takes over the Internet, a parallel Internet will have to be developed. A U.N. Internet will end up costing millions of dollars more than it does now. What's more, it will become a bureaucracy so big it will come to a standstill and whatever developments that are happening nowadays will stop. It will be only a haven for bureaucrats with fat paychecks.

B?atrice Latuille
Brossard, Canada