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U.K.: Privacy abuse unlikely in Google Street View flap

Information Commissioner's Office finds no "meaningful personal details" in the data collected in the Street View snapshots of Wi-Fi networks.

Google Street View and Wi-Fi

The U.K.'s privacy watchdog has visited Google to look at samples of data collected by the company from unsecured Wi-Fi networks through its Street View program, and says the data was free of "meaningful personal details."

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which in May said the data should be deleted as it was unlikely to investigate, said in a statement on Tuesday that it had visited Google premises on July 15 to assess samples of the data.

"[While] Google considered it unlikely that it had collected anything other than fragments of content, we wanted to make our own judgment as to the likelihood that significant personal data had been retained and, if so, the extent of any intrusion," said the ICO statement. "The information we saw does not include meaningful personal details that could be linked to an identifiable person."

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