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Twitter battles untruths by adding context to Moments

The "annotations" give us more information on curated tweets.

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Twitter is adding some context to selected topics.


Twitter is subtly fighting fake news with a small addition to its Moments.


The "annotations" appear under the highlighted tweet.

Twitter/Screenshot by CNET

The social network is adding "annotations" to its curated tweets, giving us more contextual information on the topic.

The annotations are written by Twitter's curation team with the aim of clarifying its highlighted tweets, according to TechCrunch. Right now, they seem to only appear in the mobile app's Moments -- which are being discontinued on Oct. 23 -- and not those of the desktop version.

We spotted one attached to a New York Times tweet about missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, noting that he was first reported missing on Oct. 2 and last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Twitter didn't immediate respond to a request for comment.

On Wednesday, the company opened an archive of data on foreign interference in political social media conversations to show researchers and the public what it's been up against.