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Tweet the feet: Adidas kicks get a built-in Twitter feed

You won't be able to outrun your Twitter feed if you're wearing a hacked pair of Adidas social-media Barricade sneakers.

Adidas social media sneakers
My shoes are smarter than your honor student. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Let's fast-forward to 2016. We're in Rio de Janeiro. Runner Usain Bolt decides to go for another historic Olympics run. He looks down at his shoes, where an outpouring of fan support flashes across a tiny display. "Go Usain!!!! Do it in WR time #olympics2016."

This could happen now that we have a proof-of-concept social-media shoe. Adidas and shoe hacker/designer Nash Money got together to rip apart a pair of Barricade shoes and embed a Twitter feed right into the sneakers.

Money deconstructed the sneaks and wired them up with an Arduino processor, a USB port, and a small display on the side that reads out tweets sent to @adidasbarricade.

Adidas' trademark three stripes have also been given a glowing light-up makeover. A matching smartphone case made from shoe material brings the whole ensemble together.

The special shoes were created to celebrate the social-media frenzy surrounding the 2012 games and to look ahead to the next round of summer Olympics.

We may someday see some form of these shoes on the market. Instead of stopping to tie our shoes all the time, we'll be stopping to check our tweets.

(Via Designboom)