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Turn your keyboard into a recliner with uChair

Sit back, relax, and type in comfort with this ergonomic split keyboard. Just don't nod off.

Tim Hornyak/CNET

LAS VEGAS--We've seen more than a few innovative, stylish keyboards at CES this year, but few can claim to be pieces of furniture.

Meet uChair, the keyboard that lets you type in true comfort. It's basically a recliner with a split keyboard embedded in the armrests.

You sit back, adjust the headrest, pull up a screen, laptop, or tablet attached to an articulated bracket, and get to work. Or fall asleep, depending on how comfy you find it.


While uChair was a lot more comfortable than typing from a garden-variety office chair, it isn't easy using a split keyboard if you've never tried one, especially when the halves are so far apart.

It also feels a little like a hospital bed.

Health experts tell us that sitting is the new smoking.

Since you should stand up and move around regularly, being this close to horizontal may not be the best idea if you're already a sedentary type.

Still, you could prevent neck and shoulder strain, not to mention lower back aches, with this ergonomic chair.

It also has a footrest with switches that you can customize for keyboard functions like entering return. Using your feet this way helps you move a little.

Meanwhile, there's space on the right armrest for a mouse.

Also, the embedded cable system means you don't have the usual spaghetti mess of wires around your workspace.

Exhibitor Beijing uChair Technologies, one of the many Chinese firms in the Las Vegas Convention Center's South Hall, says uChair will launch in the U.S. and China in June for $699.

What do you think? Would you prefer working in a recliner like this?