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Tech Industry

Tsunami relief highlights Web efforts

Tech companies and online donors help out with disaster recovery, but a Red Cross pitch falls flat.

Tech companies and online donors help out with disaster recovery, but a Red Cross pitch falls flat.

Tsunami separates, Red Cross

Red Cross declines to let its logo be used as part of a disaster relief promotion on's auction site.
January 7, 2005

Web photos capture tsunami's impact

Digital cameras and Web technology allow people to quickly share images of the devastation around the world.
January 7, 2005

Photos: Tsunami's devastating force

Images capture the turmoil of huge waves racing ashore--and the aftermath.
January 7, 2005

Tsunami survivors turn to blogs for news, help

One Indian blog reports over 1 million hits as readers look for information on victims and how to aid devastated areas.
January 5, 2005

Online scams emerge in tsunami's wake

Scam artists are posing as victims on the Net in a bid to divert some of the millions of dollars flowing to relief efforts.
January 5, 2005

To those seeking help, computer is a lifeline

Thousands of people have turned to the Internet to search for friends and family members lost in the tsunami disaster.
The New York Times
January 5, 2005

Police probe nixes teen's tsunami effort

Misguided request for donations was made in "good faith," police say. Still, security firms are watching for phishing schemes.
January 4, 2005

Tech community rallies to raise money

High-tech companies, workers and Web surfers are coming forward to raise millions for the relief effort.
January 3, 2005

Tsunami 'wave rat' had best intentions, mother says

Student who offered the domain "" for $50,000 on eBay was supposedly only trying to raise money for relief efforts.
January 3, 2005

Myths run wild in blog debate

As people gathered online to discuss the horror of the South Asian tsunami, some bloggers said it had to be the government's fault.
The New York Times
January 3, 2005

Man arrested in tsunami death e-mail hoax

Arrest comes after relatives of people missing since the Asian tsunami were told the missing had been confirmed dead.
January 2, 2005 previous coverage

Web firms pitch in for tsunami relief

Online companies lend bandwidth to efforts to help out in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami.
December 30, 2004

'Simpsons' Web page helps survivor search

Italian schoolboy devotes site to helping disaster survivors locate each other.
December 29, 2004

Aid agencies seeking help for Asia

Organizations struggle to cope with scale of tsunami disaster and hope for a boost in online donations to help finance relief efforts.
December 28, 2004

Asia tsunami warning system feasible

Major obstacles are not money and technology, but poverty and political, experts and officials say.
December 27, 2004

USGS: Warnings could have saved thousands

update U.S. officials tried to warn countries that the deadly wall of water was coming, but no official system is in place.
December 27, 2004