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Try to solve the riddle on these new 'Mystery Message' postage stamps

The colorful shapes on the USPS stamps spell out a secret message.

Give this a good squint and see if you can figure out what it says.


If you like puzzles, here's a new stamp just for you. On Thursday, the United States Postal Service unveiled a Mystery Message forever stamp that at first blush looks like a colorful collection of geometric shapes but actually contains a hidden phrase. (Spoilers up ahead.) In keeping with the stamp's theme, the USPS launched it at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. 

USPS art director Antonio Alcalá was responsible for the clever design. "The pane of 20 stamps is a visual riddle spelling out a difficult-to-discern message. Each colorful square contains a letter in an interesting pattern," USPS said in a statement.

You don't need to be an expert code breaker to figure out the message. Some of the letters may jump out at you right away, while others you may need to work a little harder for.

Spoiler alert: The solution is written on the back of the pane of stamps, which are sold in a sheet of 20 for $11. The stamp reads, "More than meets the eye!" Which also happens to be a tagline for the Transformers robots, but that's an unrelated piece of trivia.

If the stamp mystery was too easy to crack, you can always apply yourself to the Somerton man or the Dyatlov Pass incident. Or you can just stick with the stamp and mail it to a friend to share the enigma.