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Trump's 'Apprentice' hires HotJobs

The popular Mark Burnett reality TV series strikes a marketing (and contestant recruitment) partnership with Yahoo's career site.

Yahoo reported on Tuesday that its HotJobs career site reached a deal with reality television specialist Mark Burnett Productions to help recruit contestants for a future season of "The Apprentice," the show that pits professionals against each other in a competition to become an employee of real estate magnate Donald Trump.

As part of the marketing campaign, which will stretch across a number of Yahoo's pages, HotJobs has built a special site for Trump wannabes who want to apply for the show. Yahoo also plans to place ads for HotJobs in taxis that carry freshly fired "Apprentice" losers from their digs at New York's Trump Tower. The Web portal is offering a "signing bonus" promotion during the show's run, through which it plans to award $25,000 in cash to someone who signs up for HotJobs.