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Trump makes it harder for immigrant entrepreneurs to enter US

The government delays a rule that would let immigrants looking to start a business in the US more easily enter the country.


The Trump administration is delaying a rule to let foreign entrepreneurs more easily come to the US. 


The US government is hitting pause on a rule that would make it easier for immigrants looking to come to the US to start a new business. 

The Trump administration said it would delay, and potentially kill, the "International Entrepreneur Rule." The Department of Homeland Security announced the delay on Monday, saying it would take comments from the public to potentially rescind the rule. An official announcement by the Trump administration would come Tuesday, according to The New York Times

It's the latest move by the Trump administration to introduce new hurdles to immigration. The influx of foreign entrepreneurs has been critical to Silicon Valley and the tech startup culture throughout the US. A large number of tech CEOs have pleaded their cases to the White House on the need to keep immigration open in order to tap into new ideas and perspectives. 

The White House wasn't immediately available to respond to comment.