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Treo 650 software update improves memory

Sprint cellular subscribers with Treo 650s will be happy to hear that a software update remedying previously reported memory issues is now available. However, Cingular subscribers may not be.

PalmOne released the update for Sprint phones on Tuesday. In addition to streamlining how data is stored--resulting in more capacity--the update also improves voice quality and includes drivers for connecting to cars via the personal networking technology Bluetooth. Installing the new software to phones should take about 30 minutes, according to the company's site.

The update--as well as the 128MB Secure Digital card PalmOne gave out to appease upset customers--might have placated some, but others are requesting still more for the $450 smartphone.

Cingular subscribers haven't yet seen an update for their Treo 650s and a release date hasn't been set yet, according to PalmOne representatives. The update is being tested by Cingular and will include other features that the Sprint update does not have. No further information was given on the Cingular software other than it will definitely include the memory optimization software.

The lack of a dial up networking feature over Bluetooth is another issue roiling some. PalmOne said the capability--which would allow devices, such as notebooks, to connect to the Internet over a Bluetooth connection to the Treo 650--is coming but wasn't included in the current update.