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Travelocity to publish offline magazine

The Web travel site announces plans to start publishing a magazine in the fall, becoming the latest e-tailer to try its hand at offline publishing.

Web travel site announced plans today to start publishing a travel magazine in the fall, becoming the latest online retailer to try its hand at offline publishing.

Travelocity, in partnership with American Airlines Publishing, plans to launch the subscription-based, bimonthly magazine in September. Travelocity did not disclose financial details of the deal.

This year has seen several Web firms release branded magazines in what analysts say is an attempt to introduce consumers, who have yet to go online, to their Web sites. Among the Web's group of companies that have offline publishers are Yahoo, eBay and

Analysts say the magazines most often are marketing tools rather than stand-alone revenue generators. But printing a magazine can be costly and risky to e-tailers should the magazine be done poorly and end up hurting the online firm's brand.

Travelocity said it will print 250,000 issues in its first run, designing the magazine to attract readers from the firm's 20 million customers. It also intends to offer the magazine to the public by selling it at newsstands.

Like American Airlines' American Way and a host of other airline publications, Travelocity Magazine will feature travel stories, reviews and travel tips.