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Tour a vodka distillery in 360 degrees

Put on a VR headset and watch how vodka is made.

Having a few sips of vodka can be enough to make your head spin.

At the Hangar One distillery based in Alameda, California, we took a 360-degree camera to film the vodka-production process -- no alcohol consumption required.

Head distiller Caley Shoemaker looks after every part of the production. Watch as she explains the steps of vodka distillation, from small-scale batches to a full production run.

This video was shot on the Nokia Ozo camera. There are multiple ways to watch our 360-degree video. On a mobile device, use the YouTube app to view the video on a phone and move the screen around to see different angles. Or you can use a VR device like Google Cardboard and watch the video in VR mode.

You can also click and drag around the video with a mouse if you're on desktop.