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TouchFire: iPad keyboard overlay is a soft touch

Silicone rubber screen-top keyboard overlay being pitched on Kickstarter promises to put some tactile feedback into the iPad typing experience.

TouchFire iPad screen-top keyboard
The TouchFire puts you in touch with your virtual keyboard. TouchFire

The iPad virtual keyboard can be a touchy issue. Cold, flat glass just isn't as engaging as chunky, tactile real keys. Well, the iPad is about to get a lot more physical when a new silicone rubber overlay hits the market.

TouchFire keys close-up
Here's a closer look at the keys. (Click to enlarge.) TouchFire

Kickstarter project TouchFire is adding some meat to the iPad keyboard with a screen-top overlay that makes the virtual keys pop out into the real world.

The TouchFire uses the iPad's built-in magnets to snap into position.

The super-thin accessory is also Smart Cover-compatible. It's flexible enough to tuck in when you close it up and to hang on underneath when you roll it back.

The project has hit a nerve with the iPad community. With 40 days left to go on fundraising, it has already exceeded its $10,000 goal nearly four times over.

A $45 pledge will get you a basic TouchFire pack when it comes out. If you really want to get crazy with it, you could pick up an ultra-slim Skinny Keyboard Case and a Touchfire and blow your mind with new typing options.