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Toshiba notebook under $1,000

The PC maker cuts notebook prices across the board on the eve of Intel's announcement of the Pentium II for mobile computers.

Toshiba is now shipping a raft of inexpensive notebooks, with one falling below $1,000, after it cut prices across the board.

This is taking place on the eve of Intel's announcement of the Pentium II processor for notebook PCs. This will spawn a wave of new high-end notebooks from all the major vendors and trigger more price cuts, as notebook manufacturers try to clear out aging Pentium models.

Toshiba's mini-notebook, rivaling the size of handheld computers, is now priced at $999. This had been selling for about $1,200. It weighs 1.85 pounds, less than half the weight of a standard notebook PC.

It comes with a 772MB hard drive, a 6.1-inch active-matrix LCD screen, a 75-MHz Intel Pentium processor, and the Windows 95 operating system.

The Libretto 70CT model with a 120-MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology and a 1.5GB hard drive has been reduced to $1,699 from about $1,950.

The standard line of Satellite Pro notebooks now sells for as little as $1,699. It includes a 12.1-inch active-matrix display, an Intel 133-MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology, and a 1.34GB hard drive, as well as a modem.

The higher-end Tecra starts at $1,499. The Tecra 520CDT and 530CDT feature 166-MHz Intel Pentium processors with MMX technology, a 12.1-inch active-matrix display, a 2.02GB removable hard drive, a modem, and a CD-ROM drive.

The Tecra 700 series also received price cuts up to 30 percent.