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Tech Industry

Toshiba debuts wireless projectors

Toshiba on Monday expanded its strategy of adding wireless connectivity to a range of products, unveiling new digital projectors that can wirelessly connect to a network. The electronics maker began selling the TLP-T700U, priced at $6,295, and the TLP-T500U, at $5,995, which each weigh less than nine pounds and use 802.11b wireless networking technology. Also introduced were a 2.4-pound projector--the $3,699 TDP-P5-US--and the 18-pound TLP-X4100U, which is nearly four times as bright as the TDP-P5-US and costs $10,495.

For consumers looking for a lightweight projector similar to the TLP-T500U without the wireless networking, Toshiba is selling the TLP-T400U for $5,079. Versions of the TLP-T700U, TLP-T500U and TLP-400U, which come with an integrated document camera, are also available. The digital projectors are designed for PowerPoint presentations and the like.