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Top 5 must-have Android tablet apps

Want the most from your Android tablet experience? Here are five apps that everyone should have.

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Even the most die-hard Android fan has to admit that it has taken Android quite a while to catch up to Apple when it comes to quality tablet-optimized apps. You can't blame Google entirely, though. With the dramatic launch of their tablet-only Honeycomb OS, Google tried hard to rally Android developers around building great tablet apps. Why it took developers another year to answer that call for tablet apps is another whole story.

The good news is, Android tablet owners now have a fantastic assortment of apps to choose from. Apps that don't merely scale up the Android phone experience, but really make an effort to present a unique tablet experience.

To put together a list of the best five apps that every Android tablet owner should download, I enlisted the help of CNET Senior Editor Eric Franklin (our resident tablet expert) and Associate Editor Jaymar Cabebe, who covers app reviews for To see what made the cut, check out this week's CNET Top 5 video.


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