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Top 10 geek holiday destinations

A globetrotting tour with Google Earth.

Crave UK

Like a technology showcase, our planet holds some absolute gems for geeks who go in search of them. The difference is that, of course, Earth is much bigger. Earth also has a hell of a lot more water. With only 30 percent of the planet being land, it makes our search for the 10 most geektastic holiday destinations significantly easier.

We employed the globetrotting abilities of Google Earth and a plethora of ideas to construct a detailed and visual tour of the places every self-respecting geekling needs to fly themselves to. Do you want to visit the house Steve Jobs built the first Apple computers in? Would you like to see where Einstein lived? Perhaps you'd like to check out the world's largest radio telescope, as seen from space?

So, without further ado, fanboys, fangirls, social outcasts, tech hobbyists, IT professionals, iPhone obsessives and Slashdot commenters, please fasten your seat belts for a tour of global proportions as we visit Earth's greatest geek holiday destinations. Click here to begin the tour.

(Source: Crave UK)