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Tomorrow Daily 127: An FDA-approved exoskeleton, Spider-Man comes back to Marvel and more

On today's show, we check out an exoskeleton with FDA approval that's helping people walk again, freak out over Spider-Man's return to the Marvel Studios fold, and debate the usefulness of a fully robot-staffed hotel.

Okay, so the Rewalk's FDA approval isn't "new" news, but this is the first time we realized it had been given a green light for home and public use, so we're still including it on today's show. Science is awesome, even if we somehow missed it last year!

We're also gabbing about the future of Spider-Man. Now that he's under Marvel's control again (kind of), we're curious how they're going to utilize him. Will he make a simple cameo appearance in "Captain America: Civil War," or will his role be larger and more central to the story, as in the comics? And who will take up the tights now that it appears Andrew Garfield is out of the picture?

Lastly, we're debating how welcoming a hotel can be if it only employs robots. Would you rather check into a hotel staffed by robots, or a hotel with no robots at all?

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