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Tokyo trains get Star Wars lightsaber handrails

Subway trains in Japan get life-size lightsaber handrails to promote the release of the "Star Wars" saga on Blu-ray. You can't battle with them, but they do light up at the push of a button.

Tokyo train lightsaber hand rails
A whole new kind of lightsaber training. Japan Trends

The Force is now strong with train commuters in Tokyo. Lucky subway travelers are able to wrap fingers around handrails that have been transformed into life-size lightsabers.

According to Japan Trends, the lightsaber handrails are part of a promotion by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan for the release of the complete "Star Wars" saga in a Blu-ray boxset.

These are not just lifeless wrap-arounds. The lightsabers have built-in LEDs. Squeeze a button and it lights up. You'll have to provide your own sound effects, but I know you've been working on those ever since you saw the first movie.

Unfortunately, the handrail lightsabers are fixed in place, which makes it difficult to carry out epic battles in the train aisles. Perhaps you could sneak a Spyder III Pro Arctic laser or JediBot onto the train with you and re-create your favorite scenes from "The Return of the Jedi."