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Toilet motorcycle runs on human poo power

Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto is rolling out a motorcycle with a built-in toilet that runs on the power of human poo. The Toilet Bike Neo also talks and plays music.

Toilet Bike Neo
Behold, the power of poo. Toto

Move your butt over, Prius. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto has a new take on a green driving machine. The Toilet Bike Neo combines a three-wheel motorcycle with a latrine. The kooky contraption runs on biogas.

Biogas is just a fancy way of saying poo power. In case you were wondering where the source of the stool is supposed to come from, the bike's built-in toilet should answer your question. It doesn't leave much to the imagination. Could we get a privacy screen, please?

According to coverage by Spoon & Tamago, the rolling toilet can play music, write messages in the air using residual light imagery, and talk. There's no word on what exactly the toilet says, but I imagine it has an extensive repertoire of potty humor.

The bike appears to have a giant roll of toilet paper mounted at the rear end. There's even a miniature toilet installed above the headlight like a hood ornament. Classy!

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The driver does have to take some precautionary measures such as wearing a helmet and not reading while steering and fueling the vehicle. Eyes on the road, mister. We really don't want to see this particular motorcycle get into a wreck.

The Toilet Bike Neo will take off on its maiden voyage on October 6 from Toto's headquarters. It will tour around to educate people on the company's green (and brown) initiatives.

Toilet Bike Neo
What a sleek machine. Toto