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Today is the day AIM officially dies

So long, AOL Instant Messenger. Today is the day the beloved messaging service finally logs off.

AOL Instant Messenger began in 1997, and if you were growing up in the '90s, chances are you remember it well. From screen names to away messages and that fantastic CD-ROM, Instant Messenger was (and is) a classic. Back in October, the company announced the service would be ending after 20 years. Today, the messaging platform signed off for the last time, posting one last away message to mark the occasion. 


AIM is going away, retiring Dec. 15, 2017.

Screenshot by CNET

There's no more organizing your buddy lists, but the fun might not be over yet. In AIM's away message statement, the program describes its excitement in looking forward to providing new products and services. Nostalgic millennials and fans of the service are paying their last respects to the ever-popular '90s staple with #AIMemories. Our CNET staff shared their fondest AIM memories when we got the news. So long, AIM!