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Time Warner to bring live, roaming TV to iOS devices

Time Warner Cable's updating its iOS app and service to let subscribers view live TV channels when away from their home Wi-Fi networks.


Time Warner Cable subscribers soon will be able to watch certain live channels on their Apple's iOS devices -- even when away from home.

The network, which is the second-largest cable company in the U.S., today announced plans to add both live and on-demand content viewing to its iOS app, which will work even when users are away from their designated home Wi-Fi connection.

The updated service, which launches Wednesday, expands upon one that allowed viewers to access both live and on-demand content but still required the user to be at home.

Not all live TV is available as part of the update. Time Warner announced seven live TV channels from the onset, including BBC America, TVGuide Network, and Pac-12. Time Warner also says it's making 1,100 hours worth of on-demand programming available from about 27 other channels.

A similar update is headed to devices running Google's Android, as well as Windows and Mac computers, in "the near future," the company said.