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Time flies when you're

Want to get into the Web 2.0 business? Got an extra $50,000 lying around?


Web calendaring site has put itself up for sale on eBay. The package includes the domain name, Web hosting account, and all the intellectual property associated with Kiko, including copyrights to all the code.

The owners say they're selling the company to "have time to work on other projects as a development team. We had a project in mind we just didn't want to wait on :)"

But while Web 2.0 tech makes it easy for companies to launch a new business, it also makes it easy for competitors to jump in. Kiko faced competition in the calendaring field from a host of start-ups, along with more established companies like Google.

Is this a sign of the beginning of the end for Web 2.0? Or just a failed start-up, nothing to see here, move along?

Blog community response:

"We've been hearing about more and more companies put on eBay for auction lately, but this one's got a particularly somber feel to it that seems to warrant a deadpool post. It's a good looking service though, so perhaps some one else will pick it up and run with it."

"Web 2.0 is not all launch parties and magazine covers and bubbly! The online calendar space is one of the more crowded spots to be right now, and the two Kiko founders say they want to have the freedom to work on a new project."

"It's not a bad thing though that the market this time means starting and finishing a business is alot more fluid vs 1.0 long term leases, deregistering a public company etc. Webvan/Kozmo days no more.... maybe."
--Ben Barren