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Timbuk2 gets a camera bag for SLRs and lenses

San Francisco-based bag maker Timbuk2 is now finally offering its own camera bag solution that holds your camera gear while looking the same as one of the company's standard messenger bags.

Timbuk2's camera bag.
Timbuk2's new camera bag without, and with gear in it. Josh Lowensohn/Timbuk2

Fans of Timbuk2 bags need no longer hack together camera bags out of third-party padding materials. The company is now offering its own camera bag dubbed the "Snoop."

The limited edition messenger bag, which from the outside looks just like any other bag, features a padded camera and lens compartment that can be fully sealed with a top zipper and removed when not in use. It then locks back into place with velcro. Other features include a clear front pocket for stashing memory cards, and a padded compartment behind the camera zone for a laptop.

In a blog post announcing the product, the company said that people had been wanting Timbuk2 to make a camera bag for the past four years. In the meantime, one of the most popular user-made options had been wedging padded inserts from other camera bag makers like Domke and Lowepro into existing Timbuk2 bags.

The bag comes in two sizes (small and medium) running $120 and $130 $130 and $150 respectively, and comes in three colors.

Update 3:50 p.m. October 13: Timbuk2 appears to have increased its prices overnight, up $10 on the small, and an extra $20 on the medium.