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This week in Crave: The Pisces edition

The Nexus One, Microsoft's IE9, console wars, and lots o' iPads top this week's tech news. In non-tech news, a certain writer had a birthday. Did you send him a card? No?

Apple iPad
James Martin/CNET

For those of you who missed it, this week brought my birthday. I am still recovering. It also brought much news from the world of tech hardware, and I'm more than happy to power through my lingering hangover to share with you, the readers, some of the most interesting stuff we covered.

Take, for example, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who would like everyone to know that the reason the PS3 is still more expensive than the Xbox 360 is because it has a Blu-ray player instead of a regular DVD player. And I guess this makes sense, but honestly I'd like an Xbox with Blu-ray. But maybe that's just me.

We also took a look at Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, the next version of the venerable Web browser, which the company is hoping will show it's taking the Web seriously. Sure, it doesn't yet have a "back" button, but Microsoft is vowing full support for HTML5 and CSS3. Hopefully it can pull it off, as another round of browser wars would give guys like me something to write about.

Some people have called the Nexus One from Google a flop. We disagree, as we think it was never meant to be an iPhone Killer and it's a decent phone in its own right. We point out that Google isn't shoving ads for the device into every commercial break like some other phone companies are right now, and that the low-level buzz is a good thing.

The iPad is coming. Since it first was available for presale March 12, Apple has reportedly racked up orders in the "hundreds of thousands"--from people who haven't even been able to put their hands on the device itself, including yours truly. I can't wait for April 3.

Also, did I mention I had a birthday?