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This week in Crave: The bionic edition

This week we went zombie-hunting, played ping-pong with robots, and admired a prosthetic arm unlike any we've ever seen.

Too busy chasing down zombies, demons, and the otherwise undead this week to keep up with Crave? Cross back over to the land of the living; it's time for another super-spooky weekly roundup!

Trevor Prideaux's ingenious solution. SWNS

• Prosthetic-arm challenge, meet cyborg solution.

• We love it when phones bend to our whims.

• You've never seen a game simulator like this, promise.

• Ultrabooks have a problem. Here's what it is.

• Siri runs on iPad; It's on!

• Before you buy that fancy new Lytro camera, read this.

• There's one phone move Sony should, and hopefully will, make.

• Hey, are physical bitcoins legal?

• Those wallet/iPhone case hybrids might be convenient, but...

• China's ping-pong robots got game.

• But not as much game, of course, as Donald and Eric:

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